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Please be sure to follow the forum rules, we are a pretty laid back community however we still enforce the below laws to make sure that our community is non toxic.
  • No Spamming - Pretty obvious, but don't make spam posts outside of the Everything & Nothing forum. This includes posts of just a few words, or not relating to the topic in any way, posts containing just smilies, or just random nonsense.
  • No Flaming - This includes insulting, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks are not acceptable.
  • No pornography - We like to keep the forums relatively family friendly. Members found posting links to or any pornographic media will be dealt with accordingly
  • No warez - Discussion about illegally obtaining copyrighted material is strictly forbidden
  • No Multiple Accounts - Unless you have a legit reason for creating another account, you should not be using more than one to post here. Members found using multiple accounts will be disposed of.
  • No Advertising - Do not make topics/posts to advertise your website or server unless in their designated forums, or worse, advertise by PM'ing other members. Links in your sig are fine.
  • No impersonation - Impersonating people such as R* employees, or trying to disguise yourself as another member is not allowed.
  • No staff backchatting or ordering - Don't order staff around with orders like "close this topic" or "delete this post please" - The staff already know how to deal with this and will take care of it. Also, if a moderator/admin tells you to, remove your oversized signature, for example, then you must do so, don't argue with them. Staff have authority. You don't.
We will keep updating the forum rules accordingly.
Not open for further replies.